"Why do you need a watch or a smartwatch when you can have your smartphone on your wrist?"

Carlo, CEO Spaceship LLC

How Burrband will revolutionize the way you use your smartphone

  • Always have your hands free
  • No pocket or bag needed for your phone
  • Works with any smartphone
  • One size fits all
  • Activities on your phone are always visible
  • Show your phone, do not hide it, it is beautiful
  • Washable
  • You do not need a watch anymore
  • Your phone always ready anytime and almost anywhere

Launch price

One Burrband, one size 18 CHF + 5 CHF packaging and shipping (1 CHF = ~1 USD)

"Thanks to Burrband I can now use my smartphone in ways I had never imagined before"

Laetitia N.

No pockets for your phone at the beach, no problem with Burrband

Watch your favourite cooking tutorials


What is a Burrband?

It is a fixing device that allows you to carry smartphones on your wrist. It is an inexpensive solution to fix phones in all sizes and of any brand. We are certain that Burrband will revolutionize the usage of smartphones.

What is included in the price?

Included in the price is a one-size Burrband and a hook tape that can be cut and stuck to the back of your smartphone.

How can I buy it?

Simply order it by clicking the pay button. You will be redirected to paypal where you can make the payment. The product will be sent to the address that you entered into your paypal account.

Why can I buy only one Burrband?

Due to the big demand, we decided to sell only one Burrband per order.

Why is the price of the product in Swiss Francs?

For tax reasons, we have to sell our products in our local currency. Thanks to paypal you can pay in your own currency. Paypal makes the change automatically (1 CHF = ~1 USD)

How will the Burrband be shipped?

After the successful paypal transaction, we will send your product by post to your address.

Where can I change my shipment address?

You can change the shipment address directly in your paypal account.

How long will it take for me to get my Burrband?

We will post your product within three weekdays after payment with Swiss Postal Services.

In my paypal account I have an address that is not correct. What can I do?

Send us an e-mail to info(at)burrband.com, from the same e-mail address that you use for your paypal account and tell us where to send the product. We can only make changes to the shipping address as long as the product has not been posted.

I have a very thin/thick arm. Can I wear the Burrband all the same?

The band is made out of a very flexible material so that it can fit almost all arm sizes. If your arm is extremely thin the Burrband might not hold in place well. If your forearm is very thick, then it might feel tight.

How do I fix my smarthone to the Burrband?

Every Burrband comes with a piece of hook tape that can be stuck directly to the back of the phone or to a protective cover (do not use the hook tape on PVC). Once the tape is on your phone, you can fix it to the Burrband or remove it whenever you want. Check out the step by step instructions

How can I remove the hook band from my phone?

The hook tape can be removed very easily from your phone. Pinch the hook tape with your finger nails and pull it away. Once removed, the hook tape cannot be used again.

Is there a danger that my phone falls off the Burrband?

If you apply the hook band correctly to your phone, you need a lot of force in order to remove your phone from the Burrband. This can almost not happen by accident if you do not use your phone in an extreme situation.

Can I wash my Burrband?

Yes: hand wash 30 C, no not bleach, no not iron, no not Dryclean, no not tumble dry, line dry.

What is the Burrband made of?

It is made of 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex, 8% Nylon.

I bought a new phone and need a new hook tape. What can I do?

You can find hook tapes in stores nearby. If you want to order them from us, please send us an email request. We can send you 3 new hook tapes for CHF 6 + CHF 5 for packaging and shipping.

I will use my burrband in extreme situations and need to know if the hook tape will hold. Is there a datasheet for that band?

Yes of course, you can download it here

"As a waiter, I write down the orders directly on my smartphone attached to my wrist. Burrband is a great help for me!"

Alain M.

Have your hands free at work thanks to Burrband

Quick scan or payment with your phone

Our stock of Burrbands is limited. Make sure to order your Burrband today!

Launch price

One Burrband, one size 18 CHF + 5 CHF packaging and shipping (1 CHF = ~1 USD)

Burrband for creators

Use your apps while doing sport

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With Burrband the future is yours